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Shutters vs. Blinds: Which are Right for You?

Deciding on window treatments for your home can be a pretty frustrating experience. There are so many options available, it’s easy to succumb to information overload. Decisions like choosing shutters or blinds can be maddening. After all, aren’t they basically the same?

Not really.

Each offers certain features that make them stand out and offer benefits that some people may prefer over the benefits other options provide.

So, which is right for you? Blinds or shutters?

This handy guide will help you decide.

Benefits of Blinds

Blinds attach to your window in the interior of your home. They usually fit inside the window frame and because they come in such a wide range of designs, styles, and colors, it is pretty easy to match them to your home décor. You also have plenty of choices when considering materials, ranging from linen to wood to faux wood and more. Plus, blinds are not permanent like shutters are. If you want to change up the décor it’s a fairly simple process.

If you are looking for a softer aesthetic, then blinds are a good choice. They can simply blend into the décor and are not necessarily attention grabbers. You can adjust them to get varying levels of shade and light or you can choose blinds that offer insulation and even blackout.

Blinds are also very affordable. However, they do require more cleaning and maintenance than shutters and UV rays from the sun can damage some blind materials. They don’t last as long as shutters and are not as durable, meaning a shorter lifespan and more frequent replacement.

Benefits of Shutters

Shutters attach to your window frame so they can be an attractive addition to the exterior of your home that adds value and increases curb appeal. As far as functionality, they are very durable, low maintenance, and are excellent at providing insulation.

Shutters don’t have any chains or cords, so even interior shutters are very child-safe.

That works well with any style of home (but not necessarily for every type of window) and is available in many different materials such as wood, faux wood, and PVC. However, if they are on the exterior of your home, in order to operate them you either have to automate them, motorize them, reach through the window, or go outside.

Shutters are also pricier than blinds so if budget is an issue you need to consider that.

Choosing the Right Blinds or Shutters for You

When you are deciding between blinds and shutters, there are four questions you should ask to help you make your decision.

What is the aesthetic I am going for? Blinds tend to blend more into the décor while shutters make a statement. Exterior shutters adorn the outside of your home while interior shutters make a similar statement inside. Think about the look, style, and vibe you are going for in the room, and let that help shape your decision.

What is the real cost for me? Yes, shutters tend to be more expensive, and blinds tend to be less expensive, but we all know that the real cost goes way beyond how much lighter your wallet is after you make the purchase. Blinds last about 5 years when cared for properly while shutters last around 50 years. Shutters are easier to clean. You can also look at the improved energy efficiency that each provides in relation to your home.

How much maintenance do I want to do? When you think about what it takes to maintain your blinds or shutters, the difference is considerable. Shutters are more durable than blinds and don’t have cords or chains. Both blinds and shutters can break, but blinds are more likely to succumb to daily wear and tear. It comes down to how much effort, time, and money do you want to put into maintaining your window coverings?

How much control over light do I want? If you want total control over the light entering your home, then shutters are the way to go. The way blinds are constructed just doesn’t give you that same control. There will always be little gaps that allow at least some light in.

No matter what window treatments you want, Valley Drapery & Upholstery has what you need. Our extensive line of blinds, shutters, and draperies ensure that you will get exactly what you want to style your home in a way that is uniquely yours.