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Is Handmade Art Still a Home Décor Trend in 2023?

Handmade art has enjoyed steady growth over the past few years with a major surge in popularity in 2021-2022. That popularity does not show any signs of diminishing and the growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down. As we move into the new year of 2023, there is no doubt that handmade art in home décor will still be hot.

Décor designs that focus on natural materials are huge right now and are expected to become a dominant trend in the coming year. Handmade art fits with that trend beautifully. It is unique and is well incorporated into the natural vibe that is so popular. Often the materials used are natural themselves, but just the fact that each piece was created by a human being’s own hands gives it incredible reverence.

When you bring a piece of handmade art into your home, you are bringing a part of the creator’s soul with it.

Current Trends and Handmade Art

Current home décor trends are leaning toward monochromatic designs and warmer colors with jewel tone accents, along with natural materials like linen. Overall, this lends a softness and coziness to the room, but it can come across as rather generic or bland if there is nothing to entertain the eye and engage the mind.

A well-chosen piece of handmade art can bring some flavor to the room, giving it a pop of color and injecting some personality so there is something for the mind and the eye to ponder and enjoy. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular – it doesn’t even have to be the focal piece in the room. It just needs to be something that appeals to your taste and reflects your personality and style.

Finding Handmade Art that Suits Your Style

If you’ve never shopped for art before, you may find your first shopping excursion a little daunting. There are so many mediums and styles and colors – it’s overwhelming at the time. But a good rule of thumb when it comes to art is to go with your gut.

Finding great art is more about how it draws you to it than how it will look on your wall or shelf. It is very different from shopping for paint and furniture to decorate your home. Yes, it helps if you are in love with the pieces, but in the back of your mind, you are still calculating, matching, and making sure each piece is consistent with your overall scheme.

Art is different. Art is an emotional decision, a way you can include a very personal part of yourself in your décor. Yes, someone else may have created the piece, but that piece chose you.

If you want to include handmade art in your own home décor, our designers can help you find just the right pieces. We have contacts with artists in the LA area and beyond. We can help you not only find the pieces that speak to you, we can help you incorporate them into your décor and reflect a bit of your personal style and personality in your home.

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