Custom motorized retractable awning with drop down shade

Awnings: Motorization, Drop Down Shades, and More

Awnings add to the beauty and comfort of your home. There are many different types to choose from. When you are considering adding an awning to your home, you may have an idea of what you want, but no idea where to start looking. Often the materials used are very effective at blocking up to 97% of the sun’s harmful UV rays while reducing heat and light.

Types of Awnings

Each awning type has certain features. Understanding each type and its features can help you make better decisions when you are ready to purchase.

  • Patio Awnings – This is probably the most popular type of awning. It is fixed or mounted to a wall and extends outwards over the area that you want to shade.
  • Freestanding Awnings – This awning type does not mount to a wall. It is free standing. This means that the frame itself is the sole support.
  • Pergola Awnings – This type of awning is very similar to the patio awning in that it is mounted to the wall, but it has a fixed frame. This means that when the awning is retracted, the frame stays in place.
  • Vertical Awnings – Multifunctionality is the hallmark of this awning. It is retractable but hangs down and can be extended away from the wall. They can be installed both outside the window and inside.
  • Conservatory Awnings – These awnings are mounted to the roof structure and have glass as well as the shade.

Motorized Awnings

Electric awnings are extremely popular because installation and operation are much easier. The power box for a motorized awning connects to your electricity and tucks away in the barrel. It is very small and can be concealed quite easily.

A motorized awning with a remote control provides great convenience.

The convenience that motorized awnings offers makes them a very popular choice for awnings as well as shades and other treatments. They are also fairly easy to install and very easy to maintain. They are perfect for over the patio, beside the pool, or on the patio. There are probably many places around your home where an awning would be beneficial.

Awnings with Drop Down Shades

Shades that drop off the side of an awning are another very popular type. These are particularly useful if your patio faces the rising or setting of the sun. If there are any objects in your yard that cause a glare, these shades can help block those rays. Often, the awnings are retractable, and the shades have to be manually drawn up. However, the shades on the awning can be motorized as well.

Deciding which awning and shade type is right for you is key to making your home a beautiful haven to escape from the world.

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