Armoire with paisley-patterned covers, tufted dining room chairs, and space-sectioning drapery

Adding Texture to Your Space

Texture is an often overlooked element of a well balanced room rich with dimension and depth. It can bring excitement to a lackluster room and give a Plain Jane, boring space new life and interest. When done right, adding texture is not over the top or even overly obvious, but it brings a subtle breath of life to the area and instantly livens it up.

It’s a rather delicate balance though. Here are a few pointers.

What Materials Add Texture?

In truth, just about anything adds texture, especially when it is next to something with the opposite texture. For instance, a fuzzy throw or pillow on a leather sofa adds a new dimension to that area. It’s all about combining the various textures to achieve something comfortable, attractive, and alive.

Materials that you can use to add texture to a room include:

  • Terra cotta
  • Clay
  • Pottery
  • Marble
  • Painting with brush strokes
  • Textured throw or pillows
  • Rug
  • Stones
  • Studs on furniture
  • Patterns
  • Steel
  • Tassels
  • Fringe
  • Wood
  • Metallic elements
  • Wallpaper
  • Coarse or smooth fabrics
  • Stone
  • Plants
  • Leather
  • Faux fur


Textured paints like concrete effect paint or the orange peel technique can give walls an edgy vibe. Wallpaper is also a good choice, as is wood in slats or planks and stone, exposed brick, or marble. Upholstered walls are also a very popular design choice with so many possibilities.


Natural wood planks or panels add rich texture to floors. But if you want a little more character, try wire brushing or hand scraping. Stone floors or ceramic tiles are also great choices. Then you can finish off the look with a carefully chosen rug.


Your furnishings have infinite potential due to the many different types of fabrics that are available. Tassels, studs, rivets, and piping all add to the texture of furniture from sofas to fabric headboards. You can then top off the pieces with knobby throws or tasseled pillows in interesting patterns.

Window Treatments

The texture potential of your window treatments might surprise you. There are shades, blinds, drapes, sheers, curtains, shutters, and cornices that can be in many different fabrics and materials. Try wood for blinds, shutters, and cornices for warmth and texture. Fabrics for drapes, shades, and curtains give you plenty of options from filmy and soft to thick, heavy, and coarse. Don’t be afraid to mix them up to add more interest.


Accent pieces are great for giving a pop of color or adding texture to a room. Metal, stone, pottery, and wood are popular options, but there are so many others you can use. Even houseplants can add texture to a room. Look for pieces that speak to you and add your own personal touch to make the space yours.

Do you want to add interest to your space? Our designers can help you incorporate interesting textures and colors into your room while maintaining balance and style. Call today and let us help you create the space you’ll love to live in.