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Interior Design Trends for Summer 2022

The pandemic molded and defined interior design trends in 2021. Most people were confined to their homes, so they were looking for design ideas that brought calm and focus into the room. Bright colors were often too frenetic and annoying. The overall theme was natural and relaxed.

Moving into 2022, the design trends tend to be quite similar for the most part. However, there are a few surprises.

Color Remains Muted and Neutral but with a Pop of Blue

Neutral, natural colors tend to be favorites in décor with beiges bringing a lot to the table. This versatile color can be either warm or cool, so as a base color it is great for setting the tone and acting as a good foundation for pops of color.

The entire palette of blue, as well as muted, dusky teals are the color of choice when you want a pop of color as a focal to offset an all beige room.

Minimalism Reminds Us that Less is More

The trends of 2021 paved the way for the minimalism trend of 2022. The pandemic was a time of upheaval and people kept indoors found solace in rethinking their priorities and removing non-functional or excessive items. This spanned from wardrobe to home to décor and minimalism is firmly footed as a leading décor trend.

The key element of minimalism is form. Ideally, there is at least one designer piece in the room and the rest of the space is built around that. Interesting shapes round out the look. There is a fine balance between minimalist and overly simplistic. It requires some finesse to make it work.

Color also figures prominently in a minimalist room, but traditionally a softer palette in grays and beiges are popular.

Shapes Turn Soft with Rounded Corners

Softer silhouettes with rounded corners are finding their footing moving into 2022. Furniture and design elements are definitely rounder, softer, and more feminine. While décor has been moving in this direction for some time, it seems to be coming into its own now.

Open Spaces with Privacy Nooks Give Balance and Comfort

The open floor plans of the last several years are still popular and very much in demand, but the pandemic did shape even that as people quarantined together or stayed home together. It became important that spaces have nooks for privacy and decompressing when the sensory stimuli of multiple people in one space became too much.

Room dividers in interesting shapes and designs answer the call in 2022, allowing for open spaces and privacy all at once. Because they are not stationary, they can be moved at will to transform any room or create personal space at will.

Nature Finds Her Place in Design Trends of 2022

Nature has been a main player in design for a couple of years now. Natural textures and materials provide a delicate balance of elegance and earthiness. Granite, onyx, wood, marble, and stone are popular textures for floors, fixtures, and accents as well as furnishings. Combining them gives an even more interesting effect.

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