Choosing the Right Color Palette for Your Home Decor

When you begin decorating your home, color is a primary consideration. You want something you are going to enjoy –obviously – but you also want it to make a statement. In short, you don’t want to make a mistake and end up with something you will later regret.

Nowadays, motorized drapes are getting all the eyes. Moreover, it would look more astonishing with the best suitable color. Hence, here are some pro tips for selecting a color palette you can live with (and love).

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Pick a Color and Go from There

It might seem overly simple but just start by picking a color. This is one of the most common methods for selecting a color scheme. If you like blue, then you can work with various blue hues and toss in some yellow as an accent. Do you prefer neutral tones like beiges and browns? Go for it and accent with a bold red or go softer with gold or chocolate.

Use the Largest Pattern in the Area

If you have a great rug or gorgeous sofa that is the largest piece in the room, let that guide your color selection. Even a large painting or other artwork can help your choose your color. Then just take colors from that pattern and use them in the room.
Let the Formal Areas Guide You.

If you have a formal dining room or sitting room, decorate them with the custom drapery at Los Angeles then let those colors guide your scheme for the rest of the house. Choose your color scheme for those rooms then select a single color from that and pull it through the other rooms. It will tie the complete décor of the home together nicely.

Let the Color Wheel be Your Guide

The color wheel can be very useful if you know how to use it. Choose colors for your headboards and let the wheel show you opposite colors as well as complimentary colors then decorate your rooms accordingly.

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Get a Cue from Your Closet

Not sure what colors you like? Take a peek at your closet and see what your wardrobe says. We tend to purchase clothing in colors we like, so that might be a good place for you to begin. You can then dress up your rooms the same way you dress yourself, giving your space a homier feeling.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Gray

Grays can range from gunmetal to silvery blue to the faintest of heather. The cool thing about gray is that you can go warm or cool, depending on your preference. It is also extremely versatile when it comes to accent colors. Go soft with pastels or choose bold, bright colors. The choice is yours.

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This is a common rule that works in many spaces. You split up the colors so that the dominant color takes up 60% of the room (this is usually the walls), the secondary color takes up 30% (typically the furniture), and the accent color takes up 10% (usually the accent pieces and accessories). This helps maintain balance in the room decoration while giving just enough pop to keep it interesting.

Are you trying to figure out a great color scheme for your space or home? Let the talented designers at Valley Drapery help you create a space you will love. Call today to schedule an appointment and let us add a little more color to your world.